It's totally normal to feel overwhelmed--after all, you joined the club because you're busy! 

Our advice is to not try to do everything for the club all in one year--don't pressure yourself to "keep up." Take what you can use this year, and plan to revisit the rest in later years, since you have access to the membership library and the Facebook group even after your year is up. 

You can use the blueprint for each month which says "If you only do ONE thing that month..." and make it your goal to try just that one thing and read that one set of materials. We think you'll get some really powerful results just from that one thing, and can then go back and implement more strategies next year.

Check the special back-to-school message included with the TpT bonus in the July materials. It's a 20 minute audio you can listen to while driving, exercising, cooking, etc. to help you deal with the overwhelm and gear up for the challenges ahead.