You can tag any of the co-moderators when you have a question or problem if needed. 

Danielle Carrasquillo, Facebook Groups Manager

Danielle is a second grade teacher in Ohio who has taught several other grades: 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th. She also holds a K-12 Specific Learning Disabilities license that she enjoys using to provide quality intervention in the general education setting and is particularly passionate about literacy instruction. Danielle oversees both the elementary and secondary Facebook groups and loves learning and sharing with all the 40HTW Facebook Group club members. She also selects the most helpful discussions to be featured in monthly Facebook post round ups.


Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross, Elementary Facebook Group Co-Moderator

Betsy is a member of the January 2016 cohort. She has worked in several different elementary schools, subjects, and grade levels since 1984.  She currently works as a 4th grade self-contained classroom teacher. Betsy is passionate about supporting her fellow club members, and not only helps Monica approve members to the Facebook groups, but also provides support in the group when members need troubleshooting help or have teaching questions.



Jenny Garwood, Elem/Secondary Facebook Group Co-Moderator

Jenny is a 4th grade science teacher in Ohio who has also taught 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and small group reading and math intervention from K-6. She is a member of the October 2015 cohort, and also blogs at Luckeyfrog Learning. Jenny is known for her positivity and encouraging spirit, and loves to share her experiences in the club with other members to help motivate and inspire them (even when things aren’t going perfectly!)


Nicole Chavanne, Special Education Advisor / Co-Moderator for Facebook Groups

Nicole was brought onto the co-moderating team as a special education advisor to both the elementary and secondary Facebook groups. She brings a wealth of teaching experience and curriculum knowledge to the club discussions, as she has worked in a variety of special education positions.  She has been a paraprofessional while in college, a self-contained special education teacher with behavior students, a push-in/pull-out teacher, and an inclusion co-teacher.  Nicole is enthusiastic about helping teachers brainstorm ideas that make the classroom more accommodating for students with different needs.