There are a lot of materials in the site, and it can be tricky to remember what was sent when. Here are a few tips to help you locate what you need:

1) Use the search function on the main dashboard of the membership site. Search for specific keywords and find all the materials related to that topic. 

2) Go to the Monthly View where you can see the themes for each month. (Click the "40 Hour Workweek" button on your dashboard, or choose Monthly View from the dropdown in the sidebar menu.) Look for the month which was focused on the topic you want. You can download the entire month's PDF, audio, and/or printables from the Monthly View page after the month is over. Or, click through each of the month's lessons to skim over the summary and list of printables to find what you want.

3) Go to the Full Year Overview and look at the topics for each week. Choose this from the 40 Hour Workweek dropdown in the sidebar menu of the main dashboard when you login. From this view, you can see the theme for each month AND for each week, and locate the topic you need.