We probably don't have the right Facebook name associated with your club account. If your display name/profile name on Facebook isn't an exact match with the info you provided when registered your account with the club, your request may not get approved. Or, you may not have added an order number as requested in the Facebook group's question that appears when you click the "join" button. 

If you can put that info into the form requesting to join, we'll make sure you get in. Make sure you have clicked "join group" again and your request shows as pending, and be sure you added your order number. 

If you have already completed the form, please send us a message so we can investigate and help you out. Be sure to tell us what your Facebook profile name is (the name that displays to other users). 

NOTE: If you are a member of the original club’s Facebook groups (having joined with the Oct. 2015, Jan. 2016, July 2016, or Jan. 2017 cohorts) and would like to switch from elementary to the secondary group or vice versa, please email clubhelp@outlook.com. The original Facebook groups for the club are no longer searchable on Facebook and you cannot request to join them, but we do have a workaround that will make it simple to get you added.