When you login to Facebook, you'll see the notification that you have been accepted into the group, and if you go to the group page, you'll be able to see the content.

If your request hasn't been approved yet, you'll see the word PENDING on the join button for the group's page. That means we're working on it!

If the button says JOIN again, indicating you need to request to join once more, that means your request was not approved. It's either because you did not fill out the form requesting to join, did not answer the question that shows up when you click the join button (requesting your order number), OR because the info we have for you in the form doesn't match your Facebook profile name.

You can email us if there's a problem--no worries, we'll get it straightened out right away!

NOTE: If you are a member of the original club’s Facebook groups (having joined with the Oct. 2015, Jan. 2016, July 2016, or Jan. 2017 cohorts), please email clubhelp@outlook.comThe original Facebook groups for the club are no longer searchable on Facebook and you cannot request to join them, but we do have a workaround that will make it simple to get you added.