Please do "trust the process" with the club, and know that that the content is scheduled very strategically in order to prevent you from trying to tackle too many aspects of your work at once, which leads to overwhelm. 

Rather than trying to do a little bit of many different things at once, the club is designed to help you dig deep into ONE area each month, practice putting new habits into place over the course of 4 weeks, and THEN move on to the next thing. If you attempt to try to streamline too many areas at the same time, you will find it much harder to create lasting change.

Since everyone's school year runs on a different schedule, we do send "sneak peaks" for seasonal content. Access to the June Week 1 materials on ending the school year strong are sent during the first week of May for those whose year ends early. Back to school resources (including Open House and Back to School Night materials) are sent in July. 

If there is a particular resource that you feel it's very important to have access to early, send us an email and let us know.