On the top righthand side of the post, you will see a small downward arrow. Click it and select "report post."

This will notify Angela Watson, Danielle Carrasquillo, Jenny Garwood, Nicole Chavanne, and Betsy Acklin Ross (co-moderators of the Facebook group) that there is a post that may need to be removed.

The reporting process is entirely anonymous--no one except club moderators will know who reported the post. Additionally, reporting posts will not jeopardize another club member's ability to post in the group unless there are a large number of extreme problems--no one is going to "get in trouble," so please don't hesitate to report posts that you feel are offensive. It's very helpful when members report problems, since club admin can't see every single comment.

Please do NOT message any of the co-moderators about the offensive post--simply click the downward arrow and report the post that way.