No worries--your removal was not related to anything you did or didn't share in the Facebook groups! We would only remove members for that reason after repeated warnings and communication about intentionally violating our group guidelines. 

Your removal was either an error, or because your membership has been cancelled.  The Facebook group (and membership site) are only accessible for those who are current members and graduates.


If you did not request a cancellation, your account was probably cancelled due to failed payment attempts. When we attempt to charge a credit or debit card for the monthly or quarterly payments and the charge does not go through (usually due to an expired card), three email reminders are sent to remind you to update the credit card. Around the 20th of month, we cancel the account (remove your access to the materials, and remove you from the Facebook group.) 

Getting reinstated is simple, though! Just go to My Account > Payments, and update your payment method. Then send us an email letting us know it was done. We'll restore your access to the membership site and Facebook group right away. 

If there is no problem with your payment method, just let us know and we'll check things out for you.