Lots of club members use their work in the club as part of their professional development plans and summative teacher evaluations!

You can find wording and statistics about the club's effectiveness on the Schools pageYou'll see an image of the Full Year Overview Blueprint which may be helpful (this can be downloaded as a PDF in the membership site: in the sidebar, go to Full Year Overview.)

There is also a PD log at the bottom of the Bonus Lists & More page that you can use to document your reflections and work for each module of the club.

At the end of your year as a member, you can access a PD certificate documenting up to 104 continuing education hours (averaging 2 hours a week for 52 weeks.) Look under your last week's club materials for a section called GRADUATE INFO & PD CERTIFICATE which you can complete and submit to your district if needed.

We'd recommend describing the club something like this: 

"The club is a full year course on teacher productivity designed to help teachers stay focused on things that have the biggest impact on student learning. The goal of the club is to get organized, streamline routines, give kids ownership of the classroom, and be truly intentional about the use of instructional, contractual, and personal time. The club provides actionable strategies for improving parent-teacher communication, integrating technology in meaningful ways, planning engaging lessons, and more."