If you paid the one-time payment, there is nothing to cancel, as you will never be charged again.

If you opted to pay through the installment plan, billing will stop for you automatically after the third payment  You may cancel upcoming payments if you like, but you get the best value from the club by remaining as a club member for the full year, because then you have access to all the resources in the membership site and the Facebook group after your year is up at no extra cost. 

If you cancel before your payment plan is complete, you will lose access to the membership site and the Facebook group, so be sure to download any resources you want to keep before requesting a cancellation!

Please email us clubhelp@outlook.com if you would like to proceed with your cancellation, and share briefly why you believe the club is not a good fit or investment for you. 

We'll respond with a link to a quick form for you to fill out. Because this form is linked to your payment information and ensures no further charges will be made, you MUST fill out the form for your cancellation to be completed.