All club content is available in an audio (MP3) form if you’d rather listen than read. 

We recommend that you do NOT download the SoundCloud app, as that only works with publicly available audio, and the club's audio is private for members-only.

You have several options for accessing the audio:

  1. Play (stream) the audio right from the site in the embedded SoundCloud player found in each week’s content. This requires an internet connection. Just click the play button!
  2. Download the MP3 from the week’s content by clicking on “download audio.” You can then listen offline on your computer.

If you want to listen to the downloaded MP3 on your mobile device, the easiest way is drag the file into iTunes. You can create a playlist called “40 Hour Club” and store the audio there. Any audio you put in the playlist can then be set up to automatically sync with your mobile device and can be played through your regular music app.

If you don’t want to use iTunes, you can save the MP3 to a Dropbox folder and use the Dropbox app to play the audio. Note: If you use an iPhone or iPad, you will need to download the audio files on your computer first, then drag them to Dropbox. Dropbox will sync automatically on your phone.