Your dashboard should look similar to the screenshot above, and read "you are in the January17 cohort" or "you are in the July17 cohort." 

If your dashboard simply says "you are in the cohort" instead of this means that somehow your registration is not synced up with your purchase, and we'll need to manually connect the two. It will be a quick and easy fix once we know it's happening.

If you used to have access to the course material and now it's gone (instead, you get an error saying "you don't have access to the correct tier"), that probably means there was an issue with your payment method.

Either way, just send us a message and we'll help get you squared away. 

Be sure to tell us:

  1. Which cohort you joined with (mostly likely Jan17 or July17; previous cohorts were Jan16, July16, and Oct15.)
  2. Whether you choose the one time payment or quarterly payments

If you are a club graduate and paid through PayPal, Gumroad, or did monthly payments, please let us know when you contact us.

It's okay if you're not certain on some of that info, but if you can provide it, we can look up your account more quickly and get your access restored.